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With the Supermassive App + Discord, your Supermassive Network Membership provides access to sophisticated crypto market intelligence and purpose-built signals to improve your investment strategy and lead to more informed trades.

Available for iOS & Android.

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Our Bots, Signals, and Indicators are yours

Crypto markets don't sleep, so we built proprietary indicators that provide sophisticated layers of intelligence and actionable insight; see what you've been missing and learn how to make more informed trades and revenue-generating portfolio strategies. These systems watch, analyze, and notify, so you can peel yourself out of that chair a little more each day.
Money Flow

Frequent money flow calculations use changing direction, momentum, and other thresholds to notify Supermassive Network Members in our App and Discord.

Whale Watcher

Monitors the status of the largest crypto wallets for a range of currencies, and sends out alerts when those wallets start making big moves.


Monitors the books on certain crypto exchanges for market or limit orders that make up a large percentage of the order book, or when large orders are removed from the order book itself.

Squeeze Notifications

Bollinger Bands and Keltner Channels feed calculations that determine when to notify members of a period of low volatility, indicating that the market will shortly make a big move up or down.

Built For Growth

Supermassive Members learn through shared news and insight, receive real-time crypto market data and analysis, and shape a collective body of knowledge with time-saving curation, features, and feeds. Updates to the Supermassive App, Discord, and services are submitted and prioritized by members making the knowledge base, signals, features, and perks a growing product of a forward-thinking community.
React in Real-time

Select the cryptocurrencies that interest you and receive real-time price updates and insights - sync with Coinbase to review holdings.

Learn Faster, Directly

No prerecorded webinars here. Schedule virtual 'Office Hours' to invite real person-to-person discourse within the network.

DeFi the Future

Embracing the crypto-finance paradigm shift, we're integrating decentralized financial services with our platform, all seamlessly under your control.

Drown in Coin Knowledge

Search, learn, follow, and discuss. ICO research simplified. Coin mentions are added to the knowledge base automatically.

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Discord Integrated + Automated

Access the Supermassive Discord where proprietary bot-delivered signals and member discussion flows in real time, conveniently, and across your devices. Because we integrate all signals with Discord, you've got powerful notification tools.

Not following a new coin or ICO? Miss the conversation? Chill. Supermassive curates top news and commentary from within the community back into the Supermassive App's knowledge base, dedicated feeds, and cryptocurrency profiles for quick review.

Membership Perks

Realizing your desired lifestyle and making it feel effortless is core to Supermassive. Membership perks are integrated into the app, with partners carefully chosen to provide both on-demand and passive benefit layers via a seamless, concierge-like service. Get more done with Supermassive Concierge powered by Easie, save time and hassle at airports and stadiums with Clear, and travel lighter with benefits from Dufl. Perks are curated to reduce stress and provide more time for the people and interests in members’ lives.

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tl;dr: Supermassive is more signal, less noise for your lifestyle.

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Dip those toes into the Supermassive network and become a guest member at no cost. NOTE: For Guests, trading data and network updates will be delayed 24 hours. As a guest, you will be able to use some of the features of our application, and will have access to some of our Discord community. Guests can see but not use Perks. You will be able to see what other members of the network are saying and sharing, but those delayed insights may not reach you in time to be valuable.

Supermassive is available for iOS & Android.

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Supermassive is available for iOS & Android.

* As long as you maintain a consecutive Supermassive monthly membership of $249.00 or more you'll get $150.00 off your Supermassive membership every month ($249 - $150 = $99 per month). If you add future services, upgrade or downgrade your membership plan, your promotional offer will stand as long as the minimum requirements are met. If you cancel your membership this offer is also canceled and removed from your account. This offer is limited to 100 Network Member sign ups during our debut Founder promotion period and will cease to be available after the 100 new member threshold is met at any time, and/or at the discretion of Supermassive Corp.