How do we create a machine that supports the first hyper human?

A globally branded platform at the forefront of the private membership experience. Supermassive unites the experts and novices who are interested in growth and community by providing an unparalleled experience for those in the worlds of crypto, hacking, e-sports, and cognitive performance.

Prepare to unleash your best self.

the machine

A digital and physical space, providing tools for its members to navigate and partake in the latest industry trends.

focus space

Your home away from home. The ultimate space to focus and expand your attentive mind. Hardline bliss.

zen garden

No screens, just your mind. Take a break from the noise and recharge your mind, body, and soul.

recharge bar

Fuel for your biggest trades and biggest bounties. Converse with like minded individuals while enjoying the best brew.

war room

Put your fingers on the pulse of the market in our multipurpose crypto trading room and event space.


Sharpen your skills and build your confidence, by learning directly from a network of experts who successfully apply these methods every day.

find your tribe

Crypto, Hacking, E-Sports, Cognitive Performance. Come together to build something unique and join forces to develop, create, and expand.
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